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The new edition to beats headphone is Solo2. This wireless Bluetooth headphone continues the legacy of bass-forward tradition which is the best part of beats headphones. Solo2 is actually the best what beats have manufactured yet because of its easy to operate design with powerful base response.


Beats has offered a wide variety of colors for this latest Solo2 headphones, mainly in red, black and white colors. There is another version of Solo2 which offers 10 major league baseball team themed editions. Even though it has so many differences, it still manages to look like a beats headphone because of the glossy exterior and the beats logo on it.

Solo2 wireless haves a much comfortable design for long listening sessions as it features extremely plush ear pads with a well-cushioned headband. The left part of the headphones have controls for volume and another button for controlling playback and call management. While the right part of the headphones has power and pairing button. The right part also includes a connection for micro USB charging cable for charging purpose and an input for 3.5mm aux.

The Solo2 wireless headphones is shipped with a carabiner which lets you keep the cables wounded up plus a zip padded-up case into which the headphones fold down.

Solo2’s expected battery life is for around 12 hours which specifically depends upon your volume and connectivity that whether it is wireless or connected through wire. If you connect its audio cable than the headphones automatically breaks connection to the Bluetooth and powers the headphones down.


Solo2 wireless manages to provide balanced sound on both ends leaving far behind the flat response sound.

With the sub-bass content, no distortion at all, it delivers the thunder you expect. Even at more moderate levels, it still provides powerful bass sound which you’ll love to hear.

If we compare the performance of Solo2 wireless headphones with any of the other high-quality headphones, we’ll notice that Solo2 drums have some extra bass which provides super deep lows being boosted to wild levels with treble presence while the drum’s attacks.

It is also sculpted that the boosted sound enhances the clarity in the High-mids as well on the deep lows. Even it boosts while the lower frequencies, not to an obnoxious degree but certainly it proceeds to depths.

Most of the users are pleased and amazed with the versatility and balance this new Solo2 Wireless beats headphone provide.


These new Beats Solo2 headphones deliver audio which is sculpted in a pleasing way with highly comfortable fit. It focuses on clarity in the highs and lows, the quality of the sound is dynamic. There is no difference in the sound quality when you change its connectivity from wired to wireless, which is the best feature one high-quality headphone can provide.

Though it’s a little pricy product but still the sound quality it delivers, it is worth to spend around $300 on this latest gadget.

Good news is that IUMY.PK  is offering these Beats Solo2 Headphones with some great discounts, so you can place your order for these headphones now and avail the cash on delivery service all over Pakistan.

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